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The future of cryptocurrencies part 1 - Femhab - 09-21-2017

It is a certain fact that impossibilities are becoming possible in every century. The way cutlass,hoe, and digger has modernized into tractor and bulldozer, horse and camel into car and cargoes, letter sending through mail and fax, yet with all the modern transformations people still make use of these ancient tools.
The same way cypocurrencies has claimed to be the modern version of currencies, it doesnt mean there would no longer be local currencies or banks. Crptoworld has claimed a lot and will still claim much more, if only we could wise up and join the train.
Cryptocurrencies can help with urgent transfer which is 10x faster than wire transfer, it can even help in maintaining our anonymity as the core developer of the technology is still yet unknown (Satoshi Nakamato), so why won't people embrace it?
Many technological and financial industries are embracing cryptocurrencies at an alarming rate. If I had known, I would have bought some Bitcoin when it was 3$, now it is $3000, am I late? NO. It is never too late to embrace technology. Imagine apple cofounder sold 10% of bitcoin now worth millions of dollars $300.
What could be the difference between the rich and the poor? I think it is information and foresight. Get informed now and look into the future. If you can't make the future you can partner in making the future, what is important is not to remain stagnant. Most of all cryptocurrencies is a good investment now before it reaches its unimaginable peak. The future of cryptocurrencies are green!

RE: The future of cryptocurrencies part 1 - gunka - 09-22-2017

What is this new topic for?
What is the meaning of the workload?