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[WTB] XRB Mrai Tokens - ishinn99 - 12-15-2017

Hi everyone, as we all know XRB tokens value are getting high now, I have 81 xrb in my wallet and planning to sell it in mercatox or bitgrail but my problem is there is a minimum amount to deposit in that exchange sites. It needs 100 xrb minimum, so Im buying 20 xrb now. Please post your offer and let's talk about the process. Thank you.

RE: [WTB] XRB Mrai Tokens - ishinn99 - 12-22-2017

Hello everyone, xrb price is still rising now. Is there anyone who can sell there xrb? I need atleast 20xrb. Reply here or pm me. Price computation will be base on current xrb price.