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Website Hits/Ref clicks - skippi - 12-16-2017

Hello i offer webiste hits. The traffic is all concentrared on crypto currencies. Perfect for ref clicks as some of the guys can register.

Prices are as followed:

1,000 clicks = 0,5 ALTCOMS
5,000 clicks = 1.5 ALTCOMS
10,000 clicks = 2.5 ALTCOMS
20,000 clicks = 4 ALTCOMS

Use donation button in my profile link then send me personall messages as follow:

Ad tittlle:
Ad Description:

Desired clicks.

If i am not online please have a little patience as i check forum as often as i can. Thank you. 
If something goes wrong, does not hurry to throw guilt on me, pm me as we can figure it out Smile