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Rewarding system brought down? - Sie_Justin - 01-08-2018

Hi dear community,

I don't receive any points for my posts anymore, does this mean the reward system has been brought down? I completely understand this action, because altcom has been increasing recently. But what to do with my altcompoints??

Thanks for answering!

RE: Rewarding system brought down? - ishinn99 - 01-09-2018

I thinkso, the admin already announced it in discord. I hope they will open new ways to earn more altcoms. They said they will going to pay all pending payment request. I hope I will receive my rewards soon.

RE: Rewarding system brought down? - johnnycarsonogen - 01-09-2018

I too await my last payment, looking forward to the next phase here.

RE: Rewarding system brought down? - Ryan Smithwell - 01-14-2018

This is extremely unfair what if someone has 9 altcoms they just lose it. Everyone with some altcom in the forum should be able to cash out less than 10 altcoms now or at least 5USD worth of altcom for every altcom they have in the forum. Recieving $5.00 of altcom for every altcom we have here is not very much to ask for and I believe this is fair. If someone in charge sees this post please seriously consider my idea.
Thank you.

RE: Rewarding system brought down? - CyberMiner - 01-15-2018

Completely agree with Ryan.
We should have a way to withdraw our coins if forum politics have been changed.

RE: Rewarding system brought down? - icooper - 01-20-2018

This would explain the lack of forum activity recently.