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Big News Coming! - GeePeeU - 09-25-2017

ALTCOM is in the development of lots of big projects, some of which are estimated to be released for testing within 4 months.

SONOHub - Platform for game leagues and tournaments.
Exchange - An Exhange built from the ground up by the ALTCOM devs.
Masternodes - Masternodes have been listed to developments.

This is exciting. What are your thoughts on what these projects might bring to ALTCOM?

RE: Big News Coming! - Hamuki - 09-25-2017

Hehe, you are a fast one..

RE: Big News Coming! - GraeOne - 09-25-2017

Looking forward hearing more infos Smile

RE: Big News Coming! - CryptoNeermin - 09-26-2017

this is very intriguing, I like the strategy of our dev team, instead of pushing for exchanges they are focused in creating real world application for the coin.

Good luck to our devs, the community is here to support you.

RE: Big News Coming! - zopply - 09-27-2017

well for starters might bring some more value to the coin which in turn will attract more interest and users to the community.

RE: Big News Coming! - GeePeeU - 09-27-2017

(09-27-2017, 07:09 AM)zopply Wrote: well for starters might bring some more value to the coin which in turn will attract more interest and users to the community.

I think if the project contains a dynamic not yet seen in the crypto world, and is desired, it will bring in organic growth to user base, the price, as well and the overall supply spread. 

That would be a healthier thought about it rather than just a price pump just because something is happening.

RE: Big News Coming! - johnnycarsonogen - 10-10-2017

I've been away a few weeks, so I'm catching up, but this news is looking great. Glad I got involved for the long haul.

RE: Big News Coming! - MerryJane - 10-14-2017

Dam this sounds exciting to be honest, I wish bitcoin would grow to be so popular and be a currency for things such as soda machines and stuff and if this is what altcoin will become in the future i'll be proud to be honest.

RE: Big News Coming! - GeePeeU - 10-15-2017

For the late comers here, The news was SONOHub. 

the platform the team will build for gaming leagues and tournaments.

RE: Big News Coming! - Neurotic - 10-16-2017

This seems quite interesting. I will be waiting to see it. Would be nice to have this forum included into the platform!  Big Grin

RE: Big News Coming! - shromian2011 - 10-18-2017

im new to this project....
hopefully i can also provide some useful inputs for the development of the community...

RE: Big News Coming! - johnnycarsonogen - 10-22-2017

So, we have this SONOhub news, and there is recent MN news as well. I'm just wondering how much is ALTCOM gonna do? I know the exchange was out there too, seems like lots of big news.